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Binzel FEC Fume Extractor


The FEC (Fume Extraction Cyclone) weld fume extractor with innovative cyclone technology is the ideal system supplement for ABICOR BINZEL fume extraction torches such as the RAB GRIP HE. It combines the highest suction output and intelligent, energy-efficient functions with simple handling. The FEC is also available as W3 version.

  • At source fume extraction protecting all staff members. Cyclone technology for particle pre-separation to protect the filter surface – reduced cleaning intervals
  • Integrated filter cleaning concept – permanent filter can be cleaned easily and quickly
  • Contamination-free waste disposal of the welding dust by encapsulated de-dusting system and bag
  • With 25 kg and smooth-running full-cushion wheels perfect for variable application sites
  • Robust & quiet due to thick-walled plastic case
  • Integrated automatic start-stop system reduces operation expenses and wear
  • Optional with start-stop-measuring shunt
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Binzel xFume Flex


A flexible and versatile extraction system for the efficient capture of welding fumes is the xFUME® FLEX from ABICOR BINZEL. This mobile welding fume extraction system can be easily integrated into any manual welding workplace, as no special fume extraction torches are required.

  • Extra large filter surface guarantees three times longer service life compared to commercially available standard extraction systems with extraction hood
  • 2, 3 or 4 m long extraction arm enables precise positioning of the extraction hood
  • Powerful LED work light on the extraction hood in the standard version ensures optimum illumination of the workpiece
  • Compact, mobile design facilitates easy transport to the workplace
  • Brushless motor guarantees long service life
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Binzel xFume Pro 36 4m


The powerful fume extraction torches of the xFUME® PRO line from ABICOR BINZEL are ideal for use in tough industrial environments where welded at high amperages and powerful, reliable welding torches are needed. These extraction torches have been specially developed for spot extraction and mobile welding fume extraction – and set new standards in terms of ergonomics, efficiency and weight. In short: they enable healthy welding as if you were holding a standard MIG welding torch or a standard MAG welding torch in your hand.

  • Highly efficient welding fume extraction
  • Improved ergonomics and noticeable weight reduction
  • Slim front end
  • Optimised shielding gas cover
  • Improved ergonomic handle
  • Unique balance of torch neck to cable assembly
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