Tig Torches

Binzel ABITIG Tig Torches


TIG welding torches from ABICOR BINZEL means powerful technology for the very demanding and precise work involved in TIG welding. The wear parts system of these TIG torches is so extensive that each one can be ideally adapted to the needs of the welder and the accessibility to the component – with maximum process reliability. The very flexible, lightweight cable assemblies of the ABICOR BINZEL TIG torches can be easily handled and used in comfortable positions.

  • One ergonomic handle “GRIP” for all ABITIG® GRIP torch types – offers optimum feel
  • Modular switching and control functions integrated into the handle – compatible with all common welders
  • Short ball joint for optimum movement radius and ideal handling
  • Light and flexible cable assemblies with modular machine-side connections for most available TIG welding power sources
  • Consumables compatible to the international standard
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