Welding Accessories

TIG Brush – PROPEL Torch Brushes (Pack of 10)


TIG Brush PROPEL Torch brushes are manufactured in Australia with premium quality materials to ensure the best performance with your PROPEL Torch.

  • Australian Made
  • Brush tips are available in packs of 10
  • Compatible with the TIG Brush PROPEL Torch
  • Quick brush change system unique to the TIG Brush PROPEL Torch
  • Made from ultra-fine carbon bristles to eliminate scratchers or marking of the workpiece during cleaning
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TIG Brush TB-25 Weld Cleaning Fluid 5 Litre


This high-powered premium stainless steel weld cleaning fluid is the strongest, fastest cleaning fluid in the range. With the highest quality components at high concentrations, TB-25 gives the user unequalled performance in cleaning, polishing and passivating on the harshest stainless steel welds. For best results, neutralise with TB-42 after cleaning.

  • Australian Made
  • TB-25 is classified as a Dangerous Good (DG) for transport
  • Available in 1lt, 5lt and 20lt
  • NSF cerjpgied and conforms to the requirements of the NSF Non-Food Compounds Registration Programme
  • Manufactured from analytical grade chemicals to provide maximum user safety
  • High speed cleaning and passivation of a wide range of Stainless Steels from 300 series to duplex grades
  • TB-42 Neutralising fluid should be used after cleaning to remove any trace of residual acid
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TB-42 Neutralising Fluid 5 Litre (For TB-21 & TB-25 Weld Cleaning Fluids)


A non flammable, non corrosive formulation specifically developed for neutralisation of TB21 and TB25 without the development of any toxic or corrosive products. TB-42 is an important preventative step in the complete removal of any acidic chemicals on the work surface.

  • Australian Made
  • TB-42 provides a fast-acting and effective way to neutralise any residual acidic of TB-21ND or TB-25 left on the surface from the cleaning process, within seconds
  • Available in 1lt, 5lt and 20lt
  • NSF certified and conforms to the requirements of the NSF Non-Food Compounds Registration Programme
  • Prevents white frosting or crystals forming over time cursed by cleaning residual acid
  • TB-42 is a pH neutralising fluid, non-dangerous, non-flammable and non-corrosive fluid
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