3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet G5-01TW with Heavy-Duty Adflo PAPR


The all-new 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet G5-01 TW with Heavy-Duty Adflo PAPR is a feature-packed, upgraded version of the hugely popular 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Air, with a stack of new technology. Benefit from a larger viewing area with superior optics and a 15% larger clear grinding visor, airflow climate control, 50% longer battery run time and improved comfort. With Bluetooth lens technology, extra protection options and an optional task light – the G5-01TW must be tried to be believed!

  • New G5-01TW Tack Weld Auto Darkening Lens
  • Larger Curved Grinding Visor and Removable Welding Shield
  • Smoother Dark to Light Transition
  • Configurable Protection Options
  • Bluetooth Connectivity and Memory Modes
  • Climate Control Under The Hood
  • Protection from Welding Fume
  • A Slimmer Design with Greater Coverage
  • Welding PPE Made in Sweden
  • 3 Year Warranty on Lens
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Fronius TransPocket 150 Stick/Tig Welder


The TransPocket is available in power categories 150 to 480 A. In addition to the almost indestructible housing and cutting-edge technology, the TransPocket also has numerous functions that simplify work for the user: HotStart, SoftStart and anti-stick provide support at the start of and during the welding process.

  • PFC technology lowers input amps required
  • Sturdy, impact proof housing
  • Generator compatible
  • Thermostat controlled fan
  • Removable steel mesh dust filter
  • Ideal for the typical welding job: Rod-electrode and TIG welding with lift arc ignition
  • Suitable for construction sites and workshops
  • Remote controllable version (RC version)
  • Automatic timed switch off to save energy
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Kemppi Master Mig Compact 355 Pulse Mig Welder

Designed and manufactured in Finland, MasterMig is a premium and compact MIG/MAG welding machine with synergic and pulse MIG welding model options. It elevates industrial welding performance, ensuring outstanding welding quality. Designed with professional welders, MasterMig makes everyday welding tasks effortless and fast.



  • Compact MIG/MAG welder with manual, synergic, pulse and double pulse welding options
  • Provides 350 A with a 40% duty cycle
  • LCD display and LED work lights for excellent user experience
  • Software programs for most materials
  • Generator use and multi-voltage use
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Fronius AccuPocket VRD 150/400 Battery Welder


True all in one battery welder with VRD. Repair and maintenance welding up high, site erection jobs in the country or welding work at exposed locations. Until recently, jobs like these always involved costly and time-consuming preparations. Long mains supply leads or big, heavy 8 kVA generators are now no longer necessary. All that is needed is a small, compact 2 kVA generator is sufficient for welding applications on a larger scale.

  • Lightweight and robust
  • High performance lithium-ion battery 400Wh
  • A fully charged battery is enough to weld up to six 3.25 mm electrodes or up to eighteen 2.5 mm
  • Active charger 1000 pack
  • LED light standard
  • 2 kVA generator is sufficient for welding applications on a larger scale
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Fronius TransSteel 3000 Compact Pulse MIG/MAG/TIG Machine

Whether a construction site or a workshop, from agricultural enterprises to metalworking companies – for assembly, repair, and maintenance work, the TransSteel Multiprocess series masters the MIG/MAG, TIG, and electrode welding processes to professional levels.
  • Multi Process MIG/TIG/MMA 300A 3 phase Power Source.
  • Up to 300A MIG with Pulse.
  • Up to 300A TIG with Pulse.
  • Up to 300A MMA with Arc-force, HotStart and anti stick functions.
  • Internal Wire feeder can be mounted with either 200mm or 300mm Wire Spools.
  • Easy polarity change.
  • Easy process switchover thanks to an additional gas solenoid valve on the rear for TIG.
  • Optional Lift TIG torch operates without the need of a gas valve.
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Fronius TPS 320i Compact Pulse Machine

  • The TPS/i is a universal genius. With the new compact versions, all the advantages of the TPS/i range are packed into an even more compact design.
    With their compact dimensions and built-in wirefeeder, they provide a space-saving, portable and yet extremely powerful alternative, for construction sites and workshops in particular. With their broad range of applications, they are also the ideal partners for carrying out repair work and maintenance tasks.
    The TPS 270i C and TPS 320i C are equipped with the Pulse process as standard.
  • 320A /40% Duty Cycle, Pulse Machine
  • Future proof easily upgradable design
  • Back up settings vis USB port
  • Optional LED on welding torch
  • 7” colour touchscreen display
  • Single knob control
  • Software options for advanced welding
  • Low weight for easy portability
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Holemaker PRO35 Magnetic Base Drill, 240V, Capacity: 35MM DIA X 52MM

The Holemaker PRO 35 is a high quality, compact and robust, fully featured machine. Weighing in at just 10kg, this machine is ideal for those on-site and overhead tasks, whilst the solid, robust construction means the HMPRO35 is perfect for everyday manufacturing type applications.

  • Capacity Diameter: 35mm, Depth: 52mm
  • Motor Power: 920 watt
  • Input Power: 1000 watt Single Phase 240V
  • Speed: 350rpm
  • Weight: 10.0kg
  • Magnetic Dead Lift: 9500Nm On 25mm Steel Plate
  • Stroke: 70mm
  • Height: 306mm min / 376mm max
  • Through Spindle Coolant System
  • Smart Magnet Technology To Ensure Sufficient Magnetic Adhesion
  • Supplied In Plastic Carry Case With Cutter Guard & Safety Strap
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The Holemaker Pro 40 is a highly versatile, durable machine, offering exceptional value for money. This quality European machine features a 1020 watt industrial motor, powerful dual coil magnet and cutting capacity of 40mm diameter and 52mm depth using Holemaker cutters.
Offered as standard with a grub screw arbor system, which fastens positively onto Holemaker cutters.

  • Capacity: Diameter: 40mm, Depth: 52mm
  • Capacity Twist Drill : 13mm
  • Motor Power: 1020 watt
  • Input Power: 1100 watt Single Phase 240V
  • Speed: 440rpm
  • Weight: 12.7kg
  • Magnetic Dead Lift: 10650Nm On 25mm Steel Plate
  • Stroke: 124mm
  • Height: 385mm min / 509mm max
  • Through Spindle Coolant System Smart Magnet Technology To Ensure Sufficient Magnetic Adhesion
  • Supplied In Metal Carry Case With Cutter Guard & Safety Strap
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Extra heavy duty, water soluble metal working fluid for use with Holemaker annular cutters and other arduous machining applications on ferrous and non ferrous metals

  • Formulated to extend tool life and improve surface finish
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect machine parts
  • High resistance to bacterial and fungal growth .
  • Mix 1 part fluid to 10 parts water
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Kemppi Minarc EVO 140 VRD Welder


Designed for the mining environment,the Minarc Evo 140 VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) is portable, powerful and helps deliver safer welding

  • Mine Spec 140A, 10A outlet
  • Integrated VRD
  • Stick & Lift Start TIG technology
  • Lightweight, compact & portable
  • 3 Year Warranty, Made in Finland
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